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Discover our core services, designed to help you do business

Technical Assistance

The EWEC offers technical assistance to business owners that covers a broad range of topics surrounding the daily operations for running a business. Technical assistance is free of charge and is offered in a group workshop/seminar setting or as a one-on-one counseling session.


Feel free to request a counseling session by completing the form found by clicking here. You can discover our upcoming workshops by joining our mailing list when you click here.

Access to Capital (Loans)

The EWEC provides access to capital through our parent organization, Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF). CSBDF offers statewide assistance to business owners seeking capital to launch or expand their businesses. The EWEC can help business owners apply for loans that are flexible and affordable. In addition, we offer pre-loan and post-loan support to help borrowers become loan ready and then use their loan funds properly.


Loan amounts range from $2,500 up to $250,000. We are a proud partner with various programs and organizations that can help reduce your loan’s interest rate. Eligibility standards apply. To receive more information about our loan products and for assistance with preparing your CSBDF loan application, please call 919-803-1437 x 504 or click here. 


Since 2017, the EWEC has hosted workshops that have helped over 800 entrepreneurs understand and apply the requisite technical and soft skills used in their daily business operations.


In addition to custom topics, we also host workshops focused on financial skills & software, business plan development, human resources, and much more. We partner with the Small Business Centers, Small Business and Technology Development Centers, and other local organizations to host several workshops each month.


Highly skilled and qualified instructors, most of which are business owners as well, lead our workshops. The majority of our workshops are offered free of charge and include supplemental materials to help you continue your learning outside of the workshop. Join our mailing list to find out about upcoming workshops.

Taking the initiative

Along with our regular programs and services, the Eastern Women's Entrepreneurship Center offers special initiatives to engage with our existing and prospective clients. These unique initiatives are free of cost and allow you to work with us to address some of your most pressing business needs. 


Do you have questions about entrepreneurship, small business management, business finance & money or any other business topic? We are here to answer your questions with our new engagement program, "Ask the EWEC". You can anonymously ask any business question from ideation to exit strategy, and we will give you expert advice that points you in the right direction. Submit your questions here



The EWEC is open Monday through Friday to assist you with any of your business needs. However, we exclusively set aside one day each week to focus on helping prospective borrowers get “loan ready”. #LendWed (Lending Wednesday) is an "open house" day for business owners to make an appointment and bring in their business financial documents (no matter how unorganized or inconsistent they might be) and work alongside our team to prepare tools like Personal Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and Profit & Loss Statements. If you do not have any of these existing financial documents, we can provide templates and guidance to help you to create them. In addition, if you currently use Quickbooks,  you can make an appointment to learn how to run and analyze your Quickbooks reports. Click here to set your appointment for #LendWed